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Defying the established street grid, Kingsway cuts a slash across the city that extends from Vancouver in the north to the former British Columbia capital, New Westminster, in the south. Walking the length of the thoroughfare is similar to walking in the aftermath of a giant, earth moving, machine that's chosen the path of least resistance, leaving a trail of truncated and trapezoid shaped buildings in it's wake. Since it's origins as a foot path in the 19th century, people have been drawn in and pushed out of Kingsway's slipstream. Today, commuters, mechanics, working girls, and newcomers to Canada call the street home, a once necessary and crucial connection, Kingsway seems to be an anachronism within a city that continually promotes itself as a world leisure destination.

​When I first arrived in Vancouver 2010 it was easy to dismiss Kingsway as an unsightly street lined with strip malls, discount bins and used car lots whose only purpose was to get motorists from point A to point B. After renting an apartment, blocks away from it's beginning (or end depending on where you reside) and researching it's historical significance, I realized that Kingsway warranted a more thorough investigation, one that paid tribute to it's origins and contemplated it's place in present-day Vancouver.

​Inspired by images culled from the City of Vancouver Archives, this project is meant as a contemporary photographic survey of Vancouver's longest road constituting the backbone of the city. By walking the full length of Kingsway, I intend to utilize the street in it's original form and experience it in the same way one would view Edward Ruscha's Every Building on the Sunset Strip, as a seamless series of interconnected buildings, neighbourhoods and histories.

Fixing Hair, 2015
Fur Coat, 2014
China Airlines, 2015
Cut Branches, 2015
Sunset, 2015
Delivery Driver, 2015
Neon Palm, 2014
Red Hat, 2015
Splatter, 2015
Peach Wall, 2014
Cowboy, 2015
Bush and Fence, 2015
Trophies, 2015
Dry Plant, 2015
Tires, 2015
Sun Rays, 2015
Tree Halo, 2015
Angela, 2015
Burnt Residue, 2015
Couple, 2015
Billboard, 2014
Tree, 2015
Waiting for the Bus, 2015
Lindsay, 2015
Hyundai Dealership, 2015
Buffer, 2015
Carpets and Pink Gate, 2015
Colm, 2015
Curtain and Tile, 2015
E-Cig, 2015
Bikini Calender, 2015
Brooklyn, 2015
Greasy Wheel, 2015
Lawrence, 2015
Shark Motorcycle, 2015
Orchid, 2015
Intercity Motel, Burnaby, 2015
Brick Wall, 2015
Father & Daughter, 2015
Blossoms on Car, 2015
Drying Shirt, 2015
Juanita, 2015
Tires #2, 2015
Raj and Camero, 2015
Fresh Cut Grass, 2015
Chantell, 2015
Classic Car, 2015
Burnt-out House, 2015
Woman Sleeping on Bench, 2015
We Sell Tires, 2015
Soldier, 2015
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